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Tour de France outlines ambitious activities programme ahead of Grand Depart

Tour de France outlines ambitious activities programme ahead of Grand Depart

From June 29th-July 21st the riders of the Tour de France will take centre stage for the 100th edition of the race.

In the meantime, supporters, lovers and on-and-off fans will be able to quench their thirst for the event with several events held in the cities and regions which will host the race in July.

The Tour de France is as much about celebrations as it is about sport.

Both sides of the coin will be taken to new heights for the 100th edition: the ‘vintage’ title will motivate the star-studded field even more than usual for three weeks of racing, while the crowds following the Tour will be invited to come even closer and enrich it with their colours and spirit, both before and during the race.

The four-month photographic exhibition on the railings of the French Senate, the Celebrating the Tour festivities in all the stage cities on June 15th, the activity village held in Nice from June 29th July 1st and the Ride on the Champs-Elysées are just a few examples of how those who are curious and passionate about the Tour de France will get to play a completely new role in the event.

The 100th Tour de France is also a tribute to the territories of France, as well as its cities and unique natural sites, which have gone hand in hand with the Tour and grown alongside it.

The 2013 route was also designed with the ambition to take TV viewers in the 190 countries showing race images on a voyage of discovery and keep them in awe.

They will start by [re]discovering Corsica under a whole new light in its Tour debut and then be enchanted by Albi Cathedral, Mont Saint-Michel or the Palace of Versailles, among other UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Finally, Paris, the City of Light, will dress to impress for the climactic duel at dusk, with a podium ceremony where the champions will get their prizes under the cover of night and the gaze of those who went before them: the Giants of the Tour.