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The capital of the Middle of the World offers a variety of attractions and experiences for children

The capital of the Middle of the World offers a variety of attractions and experiences for children

The museums in Quito have a lot to offer, combining learning with fun activities. For example, at the Interactive Science Museum (MIC), located in the traditional Chimbacalle neighbourhood, kids can learn about everything from the life of insects to the laws of physics. There’s also Yaku Park Water Museum in the El Placer neighbourhood, where exhibitions and educational programmes create a space to reflect on the relationship between human beings and water. Other museums with activities for the smallest members of the family are the Alberto Mena Caamaño wax museum, the City Museum (Museo de la Ciudad) or the Intiñán Museum.

Wildlife is always an attraction for children, therefore, the Guayllabamba Zoo, a shelter for wild animals and rescue centre for diverse non-domesticated species; or the Vivarium, the home of around 350 amphibians and reptiles, are ideal for learning about the importance of these living beings and the commitment we have in order to look after their habitat.

Experiences such as Quito Tour Bus route; the traditional games of La Ronda; chocolate making in museums, workshops and cocoa galleries; energy experiments in Mitad del Mundo; climbing to the heights in the TelefériQo cable car; or travelling through space at the Mundo Juvenil and Ciudad Mitad del Mundo planetariums, are ideal for letting your imagination run wild.
The open spaces are also a good option when planning an outing with children. For example, Cerro La Luz in Puéllaro, the camping areas in Pululahua or Ilaló, visits to Antisana or Chocó Andino. The Piragua waterfall in Nanegal is another option, or the chain of metropolitan parks, together with a wide variety of estates, country houses and hotels which offer activities and meals for the family.

And when eating, the cuisine from Quito has an ample range of sweets which captivate the palates of all ages: almond sweets, meringue, fruit ice cream and other delicacies are some of the desserts that you can enjoy in Quito.


Visit these magical places in the capital of the Middle of the World and relive childhood adventures, whilst you discover why your story begins in Quito.

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