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TAP prepares to welcome A330neo as testing gathers pace

TAP prepares to welcome A330neo as testing gathers pace

The first A330neo for launch operator TAP Air Portugal - MSN1819 - has completed a 4:32 hours maiden flight.

The aircraft now joins the fleet of two A330-900 test aircraft already performing flight tests.

MSN1819 is the first aircraft fitted with the Airspace cabin by Airbus.

It is equipped with light Flight Test Instrumentation during its test phase to check cabin systems such as air conditioning, crew rest etc.


With over 1,700 orders, the A330 is the most popular wide-body aircraft ever, performing nearly 1,000,000 flights every year.

Today, more than 1,400 aircraft have been delivered to almost 120 customers worldwide on a wide range of routes, from domestic and regional flights to long range intercontinental services.

Offering the lowest operating costs in its category, and thanks to continuous investments in latest innovations, the new generation A330neo is the most profitable and best performing aircraft in its size category.

The A330neo first delivery is planned in the summer.