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TAP Portugal launches ONE WAY fare structure

TAP Portugal launches ONE WAY fare structure

TAP Portugal announced the launch of ONE WAY fares for all Intercontinental destinations, thus becoming one of the first European airlines to offer customers a simple, more flexible and transparent fare structure.

These new fares are valid to travel on or after November 15th, 2016.

This follows on from the recent and successful launch of one way pricing announced in September for short to medium haul travel to European and North African destinations.

The concept is aimed at giving customers a more tailored and convenient approach to booking travel requirements, according to individual needs, with no restrictions on minimum and maximum stays.

The one way fares can also be doubled up to get return prices which simplifies the product for the consumer.

The new fare product for Intercontinental flights is part of TAP’s new commercial strategy, whose priority is providing customers with the most competitive fares as well as the most suitable options for their travel.