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TAP launches new fare structure

TAP launches new fare structure

TAP has launched a new fare structure designed to better serve its customers and provide a greater degree of flexibility, ensuring travellers pay only for the services they need. 

Offered on all journeys to and from Europe and North Africa, TAP has launched six new products - four in Economy Class (Discount, Basic, Classic and Plus) and two in Executive Class (Executive and Top Executive).

In a simple and transparent way, the customer now has the freedom to choose the level of service that best suits his travel; paying only the price that corresponds to the type of product he values the most, while remaining confident of receiving the same level of comfort and convenience as always experienced when travelling with TAP.

Additionally, these branded products permit round trip combinations with each other.

With an average reduction of 34 per cent in the Discount branded fares (the lowest fare level), customers can now snap up flights to Portugal starting from £50 one way or £75 return, all taxes included.

TAP is the leading airline to Portugal from the UK, travelling to numerous destinations within Europe and beyond. In operation since 1945, TAP celebrated 70 years on March 14th, 2015, and has completed its privatisation process in 2015, with the Atlantic Gateway Group now as new private shareholders of its share capital.

TAP’s hub in Lisbon is a key European gateway at the crossroads of Africa, North, Central and South America, where TAP stands out as the international leading carrier in operation to Brazil with 67 weekly flights.

The company’s network currently comprises 79 destinations in 29 countries worldwide.

TAP currently operates about 2,500 weekly flights.

The carrier is considered the Europe’s Leading Airline to South America by the World Travel Awards.