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Tahiti piques interest of British travellers as numbers spike

Tahiti piques interest of British travellers as numbers spike

In the first two months of 2014, Tahiti and her islands welcomed over 24,800 tourists overall, with the UK market achieving an increase of 74 per cent compared to the same period a year ago. 

In the month of February 2014 alone, the figures show an 89 per cent increase in visitors from the UK choosing the French Polynesian paradise as their destination of choice.

The growth is spread evenly across all sectors highlighting Tahiti and her islands as appealing to travellers of all ages and tastes.

The increasing popularity of the destination can be attributed to its huge diversity and range of activities on offer.

From sun-drenched relaxing with a good book to watching a thrilling sporting event or discovering Ancient Polynesian culture, the destination offers something for everyone looking for an unforgettable holiday location where pristine sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons are waiting to be explored.

Tahiti and her islands is comprised of 118 islands located in the southeast Pacific Ocean and spread over five large archipelagos, each with their own unique characteristics.

Some are crowned with jagged peaks reaching out of the ocean while others appear as if gracefully hovering on the sparkling waves. 

Visitors are welcomed with memorable warm and friendly Tahitian hospitality and have the opportunity to become truly immersed with the local people and vibrant Tahitian culture, whilst exploring the natural charm.

The geographical variety of the islands allows for a wide range of activities to be enjoyed, from trekking, rock-climbing and canyoning to scuba diving, sailing and snorkelling, therefore attracting an assorted range of visitors from thrill-seekers to first-time adventurers.

Activities are enhanced by the destination’s year-round tropical climate, which is cooled all year round by the Pacific trade winds.

Tahiti and her islands is positioned for increased growth throughout 2014 due to a flourishing events calendar, set against the picturesque backdrop.

With upcoming events including nautical regattas, cultural infusions and sporting spectaculars, the destination is in the throes of an exciting year.