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Symposium in Sao Paulo

Symposium in Sao Paulo

On September 19-21 of this year in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Symposium “Sao Paulo: Power of Diversity (Power of Diversity, Energy for Growth) was held initiated by the Brazilian side.

The Symposium was attended by 128 delegates from 78 member countries of BIE, which in November 2013 will choose the winner, the host country for EXPO 2020. They got familiar with economic, social and scientific development of the country, plan of holding, world exhibition site, post exhibition using the objects of the proposed complex, and also had an opportunity to discuss the prospects for Brazil and Sao Paulo in particular.

Vice-President of Brazil, Michael Temer, noted that the federal government will provide financial support to the City Hall in holding the exhibition and expressed great hope for the victory of the city, which competes with Yekaterinburg in Russia, Izmir in Turkey and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The main speakers were Minister of Tourism of Brazil, Gustav Vieira, Vice-Mayor and President of the Organizing Committee of “Sao Paulo EXPO 2020”, Nadiya Kampyao, Secretary of foreign and federated affairs of the Mayor of Sao Paulo, Leonardo Barchini. Among the speakers there were Head of the Secretariat of the BIE, Dmitriy Kerkentzes, Harvard University professor, Nicolau Sevchenko, professor of the Institute of Economics of the University of Campinas (Unicamp) and others.
Vice-Mayor and President of the Organizing Committee of “Sao Paulo EXPO 2020”, Nadiya Kampyao showed in its presentation the main advantages of the city for an exhibition in 2020. Being the 6th country in the world in terms of population, more than 200 million people, for the first time, Brazil has nominated its candidacy from South America. The presented cosmopolitan city of Sao Paulo, as the economic center of the whole of Latin America, with 11 million people and generating 12% of the national GDP attracted 12.6 million visitors in 2012. It is a vibrant city, where every 6 minutes different of cultural, scientific, economic, international activities are held, emphasizing its uniqueness, able to take the audience of many millions for EXPO 2020.

It is important to note that Brazil is one of the leaders in the field of alternative energy, especially in the field of biofuels. Given the theme of EXPO 2017, the latter has a great importance for us in terms of closer cooperation in the future.


Under the project, the exhibition complex will be in the area of Pirituba, 25 km from the center of Sao Paulo. Pavilions of the countries will be built from environmentally friendly materials, given energy-efficiency and water reuse. Upon EXPO 2020 completion the complex will be of a great social value, containing public education, health, sports, cultural, entertainment and shopping centers . The main tower, the symbol of the exhibition, will be a tourist center for many years.

It is expected that the event will serve as a great impetus to regional development, relieve the city, encouraging innovation and progress, will provide a higher level of prosperity for the world.