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Swissport to cut UK workforce by half

Swissport to cut UK workforce by half

Unions have called on the government to announce a financial package to save the beleaguered aviation industry as Swissport prepares to lay off thousands of workers.

GMB and Unite, the two unions representing Swissport workers, described a decision to cut 4,556 jobs as “devastating news”.

Swissport is the largest ground handler in the UK, handling flights coming into nearly every regional airport across the UK.


They provide ground handling services to many major airlines, including ticketing and baggage handling.

Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer, said: “This is devastating news.

“Some 4,556 workers - and possibly many more - will lose jobs which are essential to regional economies.

“With Swissport now considering job cuts on this scale we have deep concerns about the viability of many of our regional airports and the benefits for regional connectivity that they bring.”