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Swan Hellenic orders third Vega-class ship as return nears

Swan Hellenic orders third Vega-class ship as return nears

Swan Hellenic and Helsinki Shipyard have entered into a contractual agreement for a third Vega-class expedition cruise vessel.

The brand unveiled plans to return to operations in 2021 earlier this year.

Larger than its sister ships and designed to sail to all continents, the third ship will be a five-star polar PC6 ice-class vessel at 125 metres in length.

Accommodating 192 guests in 96 spacious cabins and suites, the vast majority with large balconies, it will be operated by an onboard team of 140.

Featuring a 4.6 megawatt diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system with selective catalytic reduction, three-megawatt max. battery package and ice-strengthened hull, the new ship will not only be able to reach the most remote and inaccessible corners of the world, but also do so in almost total silence under battery power.


The procurement of the main equipment has already begun, with all three Vega ships being built at Helsinki Shipyard following a fast-track schedule.

The timing was confirmed as realistic when the keel laying ceremony of the first Vega ship took place on schedule in September despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the ceremony it was announced that Vega 1 would be christened SH Minerva in honour of the company’s first purpose-built vessel, named after the Roman goddess of creativity and wisdom.

With the three Vega ships scheduled for delivery in November next year, April 2022 and year-end 2022, Swan Hellenic is demonstrating solid confidence both in the strength and resilience of the high-end cruise market.

Swan Hellenic chief executive, Andrea Zito, confirmed: “We see the increase in demand for experiences that are truly out of the ordinary and are confident in the bounce back of our industry.”