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Superbreak launches iPhone application

Superbreak launches iPhone application

Superbreak has launched an iPhone application that helps travellers book hotels whilst on the go.

Developed by iXit, the new application allows users to search for hotel in all the same ways as the website - by date, location or by specific hotel name.

The application can handle the whole booking process from start to finish.

The iphone app developed by IXIT is the first mobile application developed using Superbreak’s API. Superbreak’s full range of 7000 UK and European hotels can be booked by this method. The application also allows hotels to be searched using geo-code technology, meaning potential customers can look at hotels that are close to their current location. For example, a traveller to London can search for nearby London hotels for the following night and be shown all those nearby that have free rooms.

These web services have been developed by Superbreak so that affiliates can easily build content into their own websites or systems. The services are written in .NET providing SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) access to Superbreak’s web services. With the iPhone and iPod Touch leading the mobile browser market in the UK with 31% and 20% respectively, thereby making up more than half the market, Superbreak believes there is a huge potential for useful travel apps like this.


Andrew Armstrong, CEO of iXit said, “The iXit team is delighted to have collaborated with such an established market leader to create this fantastic little app. Not least because we are all travellers and with the choice of accommodation offered by Superbreak, we can’t wait to use it ourselves. It also fits nicely within our expanding portfolio of travel related apps.”

“The launch of the iPhone app is our first foray into the ever-growing mobile market. iXit have provided us with mobile expertise and experience and we look forward to seeing the success of the app with great interest. The Superbreak API has made this great mobile innovation possible”, commented Ray Jones, Brand Development Director