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iPhones better than sex, say British holidaymakers

iPhones better than sex, say British holidaymakers

A survey of over 1,000 mobile users by travel search site Skyscanner has found that iPhone owners appear to prefer playing with their mobiles abroad than having holiday romances.

Only 54% of iPhone users admitted to a holiday romance compared with a whopping 72% of amorous ‘old-school’ mobile owners, proving that you don’t need a smartphone to look smart on holiday.

A more respectable 61% of Android users admitted to holiday romances but they obviously don’t kiss and tell as only 36% admitted to boasting about their holiday antics on Facebook and Twitter, compared with 47% of iPhone users.

Apple fans are clearly too busy downloading apps to get down with holiday romances, with a massive 76% of iPhone users using apps on holiday, in contrast to only 55% of Android owners.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor said: “These findings show that mobiles really do play a major part in people’s holiday activities these days, perhaps even at the expense of romantic activities?


“We know that our app is hugely popular with users researching flights when they are planning their travel, but I am surprised that so many people use apps when they get to their destination, although I imagine this trend is set to grow as more mobile users are converted to using smartphones.”