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Solombrino to head Global Business Travel Association

Solombrino to head Global Business Travel Association

The Global Business Travel Association has appointed Scott Solombrino to the role of chief executive.

He is currently executive director and chief operating officer with the organisation.

“We are thrilled to equip our operating leader with the proper tools to guide the industry out of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic,” said Bhart Sarin, president of GBTA.

“Now GBTA’s principle spokesperson will have an even stronger position to advocate for the return of business travel.”

Under Solombrino’s dedicated leadership, GBTA has built upon its strengths by replenishing its financial reserves, refocusing advocacy efforts in the United States and Europe, and strengthening relationships with members and sponsors.


“One year ago, Scott offered the board a vision of financial security, upscaling advocacy, and a laser focus on the member; it is because of that vision that GBTA is surviving the crisis and will be there for members when we emerge to rebuild our industry,” said Dorothy Dowling, president of the GBTA Allied Leadership Council.

GBTA members can anticipate the association will be better positioned to influence public policy and deliver positive outcomes for its buyers and sponsors.

The Global Business Travel Association is a business travel and meetings trade organisation with operations on six continents.