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Skyscanner reveals midsummer celebrations around the world

Skyscanner reveals midsummer celebrations around the world

With the summer solstice brightening up the world on the 21st June 2010, cheap flights comparison site Skyscanner present places to join the midsummer party through the longest day of the year.

Stonehenge, England
This giant ancient stone circle, whose origin and purpose still remains a mystery, hosts Britain’s best known summer solstice gathering. Surrounded by green fields and fells, thousands flock to the stones to celebrate midsummer’s eve, including various white witches, neo-druids as well as everyday fun lovers who come for the all night party.

Festival of Sant Joan, Barcelona
Fire is the biggest element of this Spanish festival which takes place in Barcelona. Hundreds of people will be jumping on flights to Spain to take part in the festival where locals believe that by burning something you can cleanse your sins. Clasping your lover’s hand and leaping over the fire seven times is said to bring a happy life, unless, of course, you slip.

Ivan Kupala Day, Russia
Known as Kupala day in Russia, this ancient festival is enthusiastically celebrated by many Russians. Traditionally youths would jump over the flames of bonfires and girls would float wreaths of flowers lit with candles down rivers to gain foresight into their fortunes. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated it.

Midsommar, Sweden
Midsummer’s day is one of the most important days of the year in Sweden where it’s declared a national holiday. The festival is called ‘Midsommar’ and houses are decorated with wreaths and garlands, whilst people gather for traditional dishes of potatoes, smoked fish, fresh fruit and schnapps for the adults.


New York, USA
Sweden’s love for Midsummer’s day has spread beyond its own shores. Every year in New York’s Battery Park City, the Swedish community puts on a Midsummer festival to celebrate the year’s longest day. Punters make flower wreaths, play traditional games and offer traditional delicacies from New York’s finest Swedish restaurant. The event takes place on the Friday closest to the actual summer solstice, which this year is the 25th June, with Midsummer festival fans taking flights to New York to join the party.