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Skyscanner reveals destinations for drinking and dry holidays

Skyscanner reveals destinations for drinking and dry holidays

The advent of cheap flights linking European cities has made Oktoberfest even more accessible to ale appreciators than ever before. On the 18th of September, some six million beer guzzlers from around the world will be descending on Munich to sample steins of specially brewed grog.

But not everyone enjoys the hangover! With the increasing popularity of more healthy holidays, flight comparison site revealsdestinationswhere those who prefer not to partake, can stay well off the booze (along with places where alcohol appreciators can enjoy a tipple or two!).

Dry Zones

Godspeed , Ibiza
Those who enjoy clubbing without the hangover can dance till dawn at Godspeed night at The Apothecary club in London where punters party in an alcohol-free environment. The event is extremely popular, regularly selling out, and loved by seasoned clubbers who can let go in a clean, serene atmosphere.

The import, sale and consumption of alcohol is banned in Iran, so it’s an ideal place to escape from the booze. Instead of pubs and bars, socialising tends to take place in tea houses, over a hookah, where fruit flavoured tobacco is smoked through a cooling water pipe.


Bridgewater, Connecticut, USA
There are numerous dry areas in the States, where the sale of alcohol is either forbidden, or highly restricted and the small town of Bridgewater is the only remaining dry town in the state of Connecticut. However, it is still possible to get wet in Bridgewater; nearby Lake Lillinonah offers water sports in the form of boating and is also one of Connecticut’s premier fishing lakes.

Where Alcohol Flows Freely

Oktoberfest, Munich
One of the booziest places to be in the world during late September and October, this wildly popular beer drinking bonanza draws millions of lager lovers from across the planet for sixteen days of fun, festivities and hangovers.

Autumn Speyside Whisky Festival, Scotland
Scotland, the home of whisky, throws one big whisky party during September in Speyside. Visitors can see famous whisky authors offer their thoughts on the ‘water of life’, enjoy various tours ofdistilleries across Speyside, and take part in tastings, talks and whisky ‘nosings’.Speyside can be easily reached via flights to Edinburgh and then taking a train or bus onwards.

Beer Spa, Czech Republic
Drinking beer is just not enough for some, which is where the beer spa in Chodova Plana comes in. Here, visitors can submerge themselves in a beer bath that combines warm mineral waters with products of the brewing process to help bathers relax, warm up their joints and give their hair shine. Of course, punters can also enjoy a pint whilst wallowing in the hot water.