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Sixt seeks to expand van rental internationally with new appointment

Sixt seeks to expand van rental internationally with new appointment

Sixt has added Daniel Marasch to the board of its new van and truck division as it seeks to expand the operation internationally.

The company said it was responding to the increasing importance of the product sector and seeking to tap into new potential as part of its international growth strategy.

The global mobility provider estimates that the commercial vehicle and truck rental market in the USA and Europe alone is worth more than US$10 billion.

As a former board member of the Lidl trading company, he brings extensive expertise in both international expansion and in setting up sustainable logistics and supply chains.

When aged just 25, Marasch was appointed sales manager of Lidl Ireland, climbing the career ladder to become chief executive Lidl Italy and chief executive Lidl Germany.

Later, as board member countries international of Lidl, he was largely responsible for the development of strategically important foreign markets.


Erich Sixt, chairman of the board, Sixt: “As one of the world’s most successful mobility providers, we aim to become a market leading player in the European van and truck rental business in the long term, while cornering relevant market shares in the USA in the medium term.

“We are looking forward to working with Daniel Marasch and together we will do our utmost to achieve this goal.

“By establishing the van and truck management division, Sixt is creating the necessary entrepreneurial scope to focus on the division’s global expansion – on an equal footing with the successful mobility sector.

In recent years, Sixt has recorded steady, profitable growth in the van and truck sector, and in the German-speaking world, it has established itself as one of the leading rental companies for vans and trucks under 7.5 tons.

Sixt identifies huge potential in this sector in the upcoming years, and given the booming online business, expects a continued rise in demand for commercial vehicles to deliver parcels.