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Sixt adds new electric vehicles to UK offering

Sixt adds new electric vehicles to UK offering

Sixt has made it easier for customers to access electric vehicles in the UK.

The mobility provider has added the Volvo Recharge to its range, which comprises of a new line of pure-electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

They will be leased to Sixt customers on a long-term basis after being in-fleeted over the course of June and July.

This follows substantial growth across the electric car market, with more than 245,000 pure-electric cars gracing UK roads at the end of April.

The investment supports a Sixt commitment to both, supporting the electric car market, while establishing an ESG policy in which its service offering strives to contribute to sustainable development.


Tim Vetters, UK managing director at Sixt, said: “We understand the importance of establishing a powerful and meaningful policy around ESG in order to support the wider sustainability agenda.

“This is why we wanted to be able to offer our customers cars with electrified power.

“We hope that this will help to ensure the future success of the electric car sector, as well as assisting us in our mission to reduce the impact of carbon emissions in daily life.”