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Singapore reaches out to Indonesian travellers with new campaign

Singapore reaches out to Indonesian travellers with new campaign

Following the series of differentiated marketing campaigns launched in China, Australia and India, the Singapore Tourism Board has launched another such campaign, this time designed with the Indonesian tourist in mind.

The new campaign - Only in Singapore, Right Now! - has been launched in Jakarta and like its predecessors, it is focused on tailoring and delivering experiences that are based on a deeper understanding of consumer needs in key visitor-source markets.

Many Indonesians travel abroad for differentiated lifestyle needs such as shopping, entertainment, attractions and dining.

A majority are free and independent travellers who are familiar with nearby city destinations and are particularly drawn to new experiences.

While Indonesian visitors to Singapore are already familiar with the destination’s attributes, they are constantly seeking more information on what’s new and coming up here.

Research also showed that most Indonesian visitors to Singapore are repeat visitors, with a majority of them having visited Singapore in the past three years.

“Through years of engagement in the market and research into consumer needs and behaviour, we have learned much about the Indonesian tourist,” said Sophia Ng, assistant chief executive, marketing group, Singapore Tourism Board.

“The Only in Singapore, Right Now! campaign leverages such valuable insights to deepen our engagement with this important market.

“Although many Indonesian visitors are already familiar with Singapore, there is still more that we can convey, such as the sheer concentration of activities and lifestyle options they can experience.

“All these, together with the fact that Singapore is only a stone’s throw away from Indonesia, make Singapore an ideal destination for frequent trips.

“To welcome Indonesians to return time and again to enjoy the wide range of compelling and exciting offerings, we aim to facilitate easy access to the host of activities and lifestyle options coming up in the near future.”

In addition to STB’s marketing efforts like PR, print, mobile, advertising and digital tactics like social media, Facebook and twitter, the campaign incorporates strategic collaborations between STB and partners like AirAsia Indonesia and Standard Chartered Indonesia, to co-create and offer special offers and benefits to consumers.

With a total of 13 daily flights from four cities in Indonesia by AirAsia and a selection of flights from early morning or late evening, flying to Singapore has never been easier.