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Singapore Airlines chooses Wilson as new airline CEO

Singapore Airlines chooses Wilson as new airline CEO

Singapore Airlines has chosen Campbell Wilson to head up its new, still unnamed, low-cost carrier scheduled for launch in 2012.

Wilson has been with the airline for more than 15 years, having joined SIA Group in 1996.

He has previously worked in Auckland and held marketing and sales positions in New Zealand as well as Australia.

In 2003 Wilson moved to head office and held positions in the Network Revenue Management and Network Planning departments.

In 2006 Mr Wilson was appointed Vice President Canada, based in Vancouver.

In 2008 he was appointed General Manager Hong Kong and in 2010 became General Manager Japan, based in Tokyo.

“My immediate task is to establish a strong management team and we will be actively recruiting to fill senior positions,” said Wilson.

“There is huge potential in this new market segment and we can promise many exciting developments from the new airline in the lead-up to our launch next year.”

The new airline will be wholly owned by Singapore Airlines but operated independently and managed separately.

It will operate wide-body aircraft on medium and long-haul routes.

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