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ShuiQi Spa unveils new techniques at Atlantis, the Palm

ShuiQi Spa unveils new techniques at Atlantis, the Palm

ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis, the Palm will introduce bellabaci cupping this summer, a modern version of the ancient therapeutic technique.

Therapists use this as an upgrade during treatments to assist in lengthening massage benefits.

The bellabaci cupping technique used at ShuiQi Spa is not simply a placement technique, instead the therapists massage the cup around the body in conjunction with massage for a deeper release of muscular tension, helping to break down any scar tissue.

Instead of the Hijama, made of plastic or glass that tend to leave marks, the bellabaci cupping utilises scientifically designed medical silicone cups that are hand squeezed to provide a vacuum that provide superior stimulation to the skin and underlying tissue.

Originating in China over 3,000 years ago, cupping therapy is an ancient and universal practice with a rich history of use that spans both East and West.


Cupping is also seen as a healing method that uses suction to create negative pressure to lift the skin away from the underlying tissues.

The Bellabaci cupping therapy, just as acupuncture, helps sedate an individual’s central nervous system.

This can help a person enter into a more relaxed state and alleviate stress.

Guests can upgrade any massage to incorporate the new bellabaci cupping technique for AED 50.