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Shopping boom for UK visitors

Shopping boom for UK visitors

With this year’s London Fashion Week once again receiving international acclaim, research released today by VisitBritain shows that Britain is also one of the world’s most sought-after destinations when it comes to international shoppers.

Findings by the national tourism agency estimate that 18 million foreign visitors spent a till busting £4.5 billion in Britain’s shops, meaning 25 per cent of all expenditure by overseas visitors is on the UK’s high streets and in the country’s range of department stores.

The VisitBritain survey reveals that the majority of the shopping spend was on clothes, with an estimated £2.3 billion generated by fashion-conscious foreign tourists.

Many visitors also bought souvenirs, gifts and household goods, accounting for around £1.6 billion.

Further analysis of the research found that a ‘shopping’ tourist spends more – an average of £680 per trip - than an ‘ordinary’ overseas tourist who typically spends £580.

The survey also shows London’s world-class shops, stores and markets are a major attraction for foreign visitors.

Around 81 per cent of holiday visitors to London went shopping.

The regional benefits are also clear, with between two thirds and three quarters of holiday visitors shopping across the UK.

Of the 18 million visitors, the French are our most prolific shoppers with over two million trips, followed closely by 1.63 million Germans, 1.63 million Americans, 1.3 million Irish and 1.1 million Spanish.

The Dutch, Australians, Italians, Belgians and Swedes complete the top ten. Of these, it is the Australians who have the highest propensity to go shopping (over three quarters of all Australian visitors).

Looking further at the findings, the emerging BRIC markets also rank highly when it comes to propensity to shop, with Brazilians (73 per cent), Russians (68 per cent) and Chinese (65 per cent) all having a higher than average appetite for shopping.

Indians are about average, with 58 per cent inclined to go shopping.

Sandie Dawe, chief executive at VisitBritain said: “Shopping in Britain is seen around the world as a positive and welcoming experience, and one of the things VisitBritain promotes to encourage visitors.

“It’s not just purchasing designer goods at Harrods, or rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on Chelsea’s King’s Road that lures visitors to the UK - a huge number also make the trip to seek out bargains, whether it’s finding the best deals on designer goods at Bicester Village and the McArthurGlen Retail Outlets, or hitting the high street in Edinburgh or Manchester.

“Our shopping experience is world class, with high quality, desirable British brands enticing international visitors at all times of the year and providing real value for money against our competitors.”