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Seychelles at INDABA Tourism Trade Fair in South Africa with biggest ever delegation

Seychelles at INDABA Tourism Trade Fair in South Africa with biggest ever delegation

The Seychelles Tourism Board has been joined by the largest number of Tourism Trade Representatives to promote Seychelles at the South African Tourism Trade Fair, INDABA, in Durban. Representatives of Air Seychelles, Banyan Tree Seychelles, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resorts, Creole Travel Services, Denis Island, Deroches Island, Eden Island, Le Meridien Fishermans Cove Hotel, Le Relax Hotels, Mason’s Travel, and Select-Seychelles have been on the Seychelles Islands INDABA stand alongside the Seychelles Tourism Board to see the Indian Ocean Creole Islands claim their USPs (Unique Selling Points) through a new campaign that ties the Indian Ocean Creole Islands to the Big Five tag line. “From the Big Five…to the Best Five” is the Seychelles new line, which has been issued under the banner of the “Affordable Seychelles” approach that entices visitors to the African Wildlife destinations to then savor the best five selling points of the Seychelles Islands.

The Seychelles Best Five are a “tour de force” of all that is special about the islands - the diversity of the granite and coral islands, the many world-ranking white sandy beaches found throughout the archipelego, its sapphire turquoise blue seas, its year-round climate that has earned it the epithet of “land of perpetual summer,” and the ethnic diversity and harmony of the people.

“These attributes are as much a part and parcel of the Seychelles Experience as the Big Five are to African wildlife reserves,” stated Alain St. Ange, Seychelles director of tourism marketing, “And they are free to one and all - an intrinsic part of our tourism landscape for all to enjoy.”

Apart from raising the profile of the islands’ magnificient natural attributes, the thrust of the campaign twins Seychelles with major African wildlife destinations with offers of a twin-hub vacation that will take visitors from the “Big Five” of the African continent to the “Best Five” of the Creole Islands of the Seychelles - an ideal combination of experiences that is both magical, affordable, and unforgettable.

The Seychelles Island’s National Airline, Air Seychelles, also a participant at INDABA 2010, has also been pushing their latest addition to their weekly services with their new offer to clients out of Cape Town with a weekly service to the Seychelles.


The South African market is one of the best performing markets for the Seychelles wiith a 27 percent growth in visitor arrival figures as of early May over last year’s figures, and the interest for the islands at INDABA has reconfirmed the support Seychelles is receiving from the South African Tour Operators. David Germain, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s director for Africa&the Americas has confirmed that bookings to the islands are increasing from all the different cities.