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Saltburn station is blooming marvellous!

Saltburn station is blooming marvellous!

The beautiful blooms of Saltburn station have been awarded the Gold Medal and outright winners of the Tyne and Wear Trophy at the annual ‘Northumbria in Bloom’ contest.

This is the second year in a row the station, which is managed by local train operator Northern Rail, has been honoured.

Saltburn’s beautiful blooms are tended by ‘Saltburn In Bloom’, a voluntary, group which help in creating stunning floral displays that wow passengers passing through the station on their daily commute.

Paul Henry, Station Manager was presented with the trophy by the Mayor of Saltburn, Denise Bunn last month.

Paul comments: “The group do so much for the station here at Saltburn, particularly our Station Adopter Frank Maidens. Saltburn is a great place to live and work in and we are lucky enough to have the support of the community to help us make the most of their local station.”
“We were up against other stations, both rail and bus, in Hexham, Morpeth, Alnmouth and Washington but we’re thrilled for Saltburn to have the recognition it deserves. It’s blooming marvellous!”