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R&R TV Announces Broadcast of Mrs. America Pageant and Introduction of Cruise Program

R&R TV Announces Broadcast of Mrs. America Pageant and Introduction of Cruise Program

Next One Interactive has announced it has agreed to carry the 35th annual Mrs. America Pageant on the R&R TV Network, May 8th 2011.

The Pageant will have 51 delegates (representing all U.S. states plus the District of Columbia) competing for the coveted title of Mrs. America and will be hosted by Florence Henderson.

In addition to the live event, Next One’s R&R Travel division has agreed to organize a first annual “Mrs. America Group Cruise.” The 7-day cruise will depart on November 5, 2011, to the Eastern Caribbean out of Miami, Florida and will be open to the Delegates, employees, friends and fans of the Mrs. America Pageant.

The group departure is expected to take place onboard one of the most exciting new ships in the world, the Norwegian Epic, owned by Norwegian Cruise Line. In addition to numerous ship activities, group guests will be invited to attend a series of workshops, lectures and networking events onboard.

Mrs. America Pageant HQ and its 52 Pageant directors will employ all of their marketing resources to promote the cruise. Promotions will include “on air” announcements during the televised pageant and website announcements using their database of past contestants, attendees and viewers.


David Marmel, Owner of Mrs. America, stated, “The fifty-one contestants, who will be competing for the coveted crown of Mrs. America 2011 are excited that the 35th Anniversary Prime Time Special will be seen nationally on Mother’s Day, May 8th over the R&R television network. Each of these outstanding and accomplished women will travel from her home state to the historic Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia to take part in two weeks of activities including: location taping, rehearsals and judging by a panel of distinguished celebrity judges.” The winner of the competition will represent the United States in the Mrs. World Pageant, later this year, at an international location to be announced.

Tom Armstrong, R&R Networks VP of Special Projects, stated, “We are pleased that we have been able to combine R&R’s media and travel capabilities to deliver both national coverage and a unique new travel program. Travel remains at the very center of the Mrs. America legacy, as each woman travels to the site of the competition and from time to time the event itself travels to yet, another exotic location. This program combines the business of Mrs. America with some much deserved R&R Travel.”