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Royal Caribbean jobs boost for Antigua and Barbuda

Royal Caribbean jobs boost for Antigua and Barbuda

Royal Caribbean has signed a memorandum of understanding with Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Tourism and Investment, Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez, to create thousands of job opportunities to the country’s population this summer.

The employment initiative will start with a major job fair in St. John’s in June that is open to nationals and residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

It is the second such agreement that Royal Caribbean has signed at Seatrade Cruise Global, following an agreement with Barbados. The cruise trade exhibition is taking place in Miami this week.

Charles Fernandez said: “This initiative will not only see a huge cadre of our tourism professionals become gainfully employed while being ambassadors for our country, but it will further strengthen the partnership between the government of Antigua and Barbuda and Royal Caribbean. It’s a win-win solution for all of us.”


The relationship between Royal Caribbean and Antigua and Barbuda dates back over 30 years.

“Antigua and Barbuda have enjoyed a strong rebound in cruise arrivals in January and March of this year and Royal Caribbean has been a major part of that,’ Tourism Authority CEO Colin James said. “This new partnership will impact hospitality employment opportunities for the destination in a positive way that goes beyond just welcoming cruise passengers to our shores.”

The news follows the Barbados Minister of Tourism and International Transport Lisa Cummins signing an agreement with Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley on the opening day of Searade Cruise Global.

Royal Caribbean recruit Barbadians for a wide range of cruise ship jobs, and Barbados will relocate its cruise operations office from Bridgetown to Miami.

Royal Caribbean was voted Caribbean’s Best Cruise Line 2021 by voters of World Cruise Awards.