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Rail Delivery Group appoint new Director-General

Rail Delivery Group appoint new Director-General

The Rail Delivery Group’s leadership of Britain’s railways has been reinforced by its formalisation as Rail Delivery Group Limited.

At its meeting on 18 February the Rail Delivery Group became a company limited by guarantee with its Members and Directors being drawn from the owners of Britain’s passenger Train Operating Companies, Freight Operating Companies and Network Rail.

The meeting of Rail Delivery Group Limited made the following appointments

*  Chairman: Tim O’Toole CBE, Chief Executive of First Group plc
*  Deputy Chairman: Sir David Higgins, Chief Executive of Network Rail
*  Director – General: Graham Smith MBE

Chairman of Rail Delivery Group Limited, Tim O’Toole, said: “The Rail Delivery Group has been a voluntary organisation since its inception but with an increasing expectation that RDG will provide leadership to the industry it is now the right time to put the Group on a formal footing.


“Leadership comes from deeds and actions; it is not something that is created by legal structures. However, by making participation the Rail Delivery Group an obligation we can ensure that the most senior people in the industry are focused on achieving the Group’s objectives of setting the policies and strategies for a growing railway.”

Announcing the appointment of Graham Smith as the Rail Delivery Group’s Director General, Tim O’Toole said: “Graham brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post of Director-General. He has been instrumental in the development of the Group since its formation ensuring that the RDG focuses on cross-industry efficiencies in areas such as asset management, technology, innovation and working practices.

“The Rail Delivery Group is the principal resource for Government as it tackles the critical issues for the railway such as franchising, capacity provision and improved efficiency. We look forward to working with all those who have an interest in the success of Britain’s railways.”

Graham Smith said: “It is an honour to be appointed as Director-General of the Rail Delivery Group. Members of the Group have an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge and experience and I look forward to supporting them in their leadership of the rail industry.

“I recognise that leadership brings a responsibility to communicate and engage with the wider railway industry, its users, funders, suppliers and representative bodies. I will ensure that the Rail Delivery Group listens to the views of all these stakeholders and keeps them informed of the Group’s progress.”