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Qantas to resume all operations following Fair Work Australia decision

Qantas to resume all operations following Fair Work Australia decision

Fair Work Australia has ordered an end to the industrial dispute between unions and Qantas Airways which will see domestic and international flights return to the skies today.

Qantas grounded all flights on Saturday, affecting some 70,000 travellers.

Airline management and union members have been involved in a dispute since August this year when the carrier announced plans to restructure its operations and outsource some positions to Asia.

Qantas argued the dispute was costing it A$15m per week in flight cancellations and delays, subsequently taking the decision to ground all flights in order to force a solution to the issue.

Fair Work Australia, the national industrial tribunal, is now expected to use its power to seek a permanent solution to the dispute between the two sides.

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and stress our customers have faced over the past days and months,” explained a statement from Qantas.

“Industrial action is now over, you can again book Qantas flights with confidence.”

Qantas said all domestic services are scheduled as normal from Tuesday, while international services are expected to be back to normal by later in the day.

The Fair Work Australia ruling requires the unions to return to the negotiating table and come to an agreement within 21 days or face binding arbitration.

The unions had wanted a suspension for up to 120 days to allow talks, and deep divisions remain between the airline and its staff.

“The board should immediately sack their out-of-control chief executive,” argued captain Richard Woodward, vice president of the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA).