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Qantas flight forced to make emergency landing in Dubai

Qantas flight forced to make emergency landing in Dubai

Engine trouble on a Qantas Airways-operated flight from Singapore to London has seen an Airbus A380 make an emergency landing in Dubai.

Flight QF31 had 258 passengers on board, with four pilots and 21 cabin crew.

The incident comes exactly one year after a mid-air engine blast forced an emergency landing of a Qantas A380 jet in Singapore.

That event saw the grounding of the entire Qantas A380 fleet.

However, the latest incident – blamed on an “engine fault” – is believed to be unrelated.

“QF31 SIN-LHR has landed safely in Dubai following an issue with one of the aircraft’s engines,” Qantas said in a Tweet following the incident.

On of the passengers on board Flight QF31 was national treasure Stephen Fry who responded to the latest episode with his usual aplomb on his Twitter feed.

“It is at times like this a man considers taking up smoking again,” explained Fry.

“Possibly with heroin, crack and MDMA mixed in and all washed down with vodka.”