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Philippines recruits Hills Balfour for UK tourism push

Philippines recruits Hills Balfour for UK tourism push

The Philippines Department of Tourism has appointed leading travel and tourism public relations and marketing agency, Hills Balfour, to spearhead their new social and digital media campaign in the UK.

The partnership has been signed not only to further the tourism board’s digital presence in this territory, but to also increase positive awareness of the destination in the social media sphere.

Next year is destined to be an exceptional year for the Philippines as they launch “Visit the Philippines Year 2015”.

This campaign aims to inspire ten million foreign tourists to visit the destination next year and experience the celebrated promise that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.

In addition to increasing the tourism board’s social media presence, Hills Balfour’s proactive digital and social campaign will aim to bolster these visitor objectives from a UK perspective.


Tourism Promotion Board chief operating officer, Domingo Ramon ‘Chicoy’ Enerio III said of the appointment: “Next year is a very exciting year for us with the international launch of our Visit the Philippines Year 2015 campaign.

“The UK is a key market for us and we were looking for a strong partner to bolster our efforts.

“Over the years Hills Balfour has instigated numerous high profile, multimedia campaigns for their clients.

“This, coupled with the agency’s unrivalled standing in the UK market place, made them the obvious choice to execute this campaign.”

The new contract is part of an international signing with GTI network, of which Hills Balfour is a part, to support a digital rollout across the UK, France, Spain and Italy.

GTI network gathers tourism marketers from around the world to offer top quality integrated marketing and communications services.

This innovative and unique ‘one stop shop’ provides expertise in branding, marketing, public relations, trade development and consumer promotion.

Each GTI entrepreneur is a leader in their respective market and together serve some of the most prestigious tourism brands in the world.

Each member of GTI strongly believes in the benefit of being GLOCAL (think global act local) with clients including destinations, hotels & resorts, transportation companies, attractions and international tourism organisations.

Amanda Hills, chief executive, Hills Balfour, added: “We are delighted to be appointed to lead the Philippines’ digital campaign in the UK.

“Having fun and social media go hand in hand therefore integrating this element is a logical extension to showcase how ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’.

“Over the past few years the importance of social media in travel and tourism has grown rapidly and its role in influencing consumer behaviour is at an all-time high.

“Through our partnership with the Philippines Department of Tourism, we will utilise our extensive digital expertise to capitalise on this growing trend.”