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Peppa Pig Goes to Legoland: Denmark Introduces the World’s First Lego Duplo Peppa Pig Area

Peppa Pig Goes to Legoland: Denmark Introduces the World’s First Lego Duplo Peppa Pig Area

On March 23rd, LEGOLAND® Billund will open its gates for a new season and invite guests to experience a new addition under license by leading toy and game company Hasbro - the LEGO® DUPLO® PEPPA PIG™ Playground. The playground spans 1.500 square meters and will be the world’s first area offering the delightfully unexpected combination of LEGO DUPLO and PEPPA PIG, in connection with the two brands collaborating on a new LEGO DUPLO series set to hit stores this year.
“We are happy and proud to be the first place in the world where you can experience the combination of LEGO DUPLO and PEPPA PIG come to life. PEPPA PIG is one of the most well-known brands for little ones, and we expect it to be very well received by both our Danish and international guests,” says Christian Woller, Managing Director at LEGOLAND.

Peppa & George’s Puppet Theatre

The main attraction in the new LEGO DUPLO PEPPA PIG Playground will be Peppa & George’s Puppet Theatre, where guests can experience a live act with a puppet version of PEPPA PIG and some of the most beloved characters from the popular animated television series.

The puppet show will be a live puppet act in front of a digital background that changes during the show where our guests will meet several of the well-known characters from the PEPPA PIG universe. After the show, guests can take a picture with Peppa and George.

“We expect this to be very popular among our youngest guests,” says Christian Woller.



Like stepping into the LEGO boxes

The new area in LEGOLAND will feature several of the most well-known elements from the PEPPA PIG universe. You can take a picture at Peppa’s house, hop into Daddy Pig’s red car, experience Grandpa Pig’s boat, play in Peppa’s Treehouse, and, of course, jump in muddy puddles.

“Guests will have the experience of stepping directly into the LEGO boxes in the LEGO DUPLO PEPPA PIG series. It will undoubtedly be an area where little ones can spend many hours playing and exploring the world of PEPPA PIG through LEGO DUPLO,” said Christian Woller.

“The new area officially opens in LEGOLAND on March 23, and we cannot wait to welcome you to LEGO DUPLO PEPPA PIG Playground.”