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Paris 2024 is delighted IOC maintains initial schedule set sports programme

Paris 2024 is delighted IOC maintains initial schedule set sports programme

During its meeting today in Lausanne, the IOC Executive Board confirmed that the programme for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (sports / disciplines) will be known in December 2020, as initially planned.

Paris 2024 is delighted with the IOC Executive Board’s decision today to approve the programme for the Paris 2024 Games (sports / disciplines) in December 2020, as initially planned, despite the Tokyo Games being deferred to summer 2021.

This means that the athletes, federations and various National Olympic Committees will have nearly four years to effectively prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This decision will also enable Paris 2024 to adapt its venues / sports concept from an operational perspective, well before the Games, working with an approved programme.

The new disciplines will need to respect four core criteria

With this choice to maintain the initial schedule, the IOC and Paris 2024 are confirming their commitment to adapting to the current context and working together to build Games that are different, more flexible and even more sustainable, in line with the New Norm.


Within this framework, Paris 2024 is fully aligned with the core principles set out by the IOC for the choice of the new disciplines. To be part of the programme for the Paris 2024 Games, they will need to:
- be aligned with the Olympic Charter for the 10,500 athletes (including for all new sports)
- prioritising new disciplines that accommodate athletes within the sport’s existing quota allocation
- be integrated with existing structures or planned temporary structures
- respect full gender parity

New sports to be known at the end of 2020

Following their provisional approval at the IOC Session in June 2019, the final decision concerning the inclusion of the four additional sports proposed by Paris 2024 – breaking, climbing, skateboarding and surfing – will be taken when the IOC Executive Board meets in December 2020.

This decision will enable the International Federations for the new sports – three of which will be making their first appearance at the Tokyo Olympics next summer – to have nearly four years to prepare to organise their competitions under the best conditions (event rules, qualification methods) for the Paris 2024 Games.

Ultimately, the sports programme, enhanced with new disciplines, will reflect the identity of the Paris 2024 Games to further develop the sports experience offered by the Games by proposing spectacular new sports that have a strong focus on young people, that build connections with culture and promote engagement, that are accessible and inclusive, that can be practiced outside of traditional stadiums and that harness creativity.