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Orbitz pledges $25,000 in travel to vacation party nominee

Orbitz pledges $25,000 in travel to vacation party nominee

Vacations are 100 percent awesome, yet only 57 percent of Americans take all of their vacation time. With the 2012 election campaign in full swing, Orbitz has founded the Vacation Party to secure Americans’ vacation rights.

“In a Vacation Party survey of the electorate, 41 percent said that the current presidential candidates are not pro-vacation,” said Chris Orton, president of “Orbitz is seeking a Vacation Party candidate who will help us preserve the greatness of travel for future generations. And we’re prepared to back that candidate with a contribution of $25,000 in travel.”

3) Orbitz is looking for a leader of the Vacation Party who will cut the vacation deficit, provide universal access to beachfront views, and fill hotel rooms from sea to shining sea. The winning candidate will be chosen via Facebook election.

Candidates for the Orbitz Vacation Party nomination can enter the contest by following these simple steps:1
Make a 60 second video to persuade voters why they should lead the Orbitz Vacation Party by August 27, 2012.  Visit the Orbitz Vacation Party headquarters at to get a creative brief and starter kit detailing video guidelines, and upload a video.
An expert panel of judges will narrow down entries to three finalists based on entertainment value, persuasiveness, fit to brand and interview performance.

Orbitz will open voting to the general public from September 6 – 19, 2012.


The top three candidates who have what it takes to vacation tirelessly on behalf of the Orbitz Vacation Party stand to win:
*  Grand Prize: $25,000 in free travel, plus be named the 2012 Orbitz Vacation Party candidate
*  First Prize: $5,000 in free travel
*  Second Prize: $2,500 in free travel

Orbitz will announce the winners on or about September 25, 2012 and the creator of the winning video will be named the Orbitz Vacation Party candidate, and will campaign for the Vacation Party in some fabulous vacation destinations in the weeks leading up to the November general election. 

Candidates are free to use the results of the Orbitz Vacation Party nationwide survey of travelers, which include2:
*  65% of Americans said the 2012 presidential candidates should make time for a vacation during an election year
*  Nearly 40% of respondents noted that if they were the Vacation Party candidate, the first Vacation Bill they would pass would be to provide budget-friendly vacation options for all
*  The majority of Americans said that, if given a choice, they would declare New Year’s Eve (30%) and the first day of summer (27%) new national holidays
*  64% of survey respondents said two to three weeks should be the minimum amount of vacation time Americans receive