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ABTA: The great parliamentary summer getaway

ABTA: The great parliamentary summer getaway

The third ABTA annual MP Holiday survey reveals today that all of the MPs and Peers who responded will be taking a summer holiday this year with half joining the Prime Minister and his Deputy in going overseas.  David Cameron and Nick Clegg will be holidaying on the continent and the members of the House of Lords will also be doing their best to help the Eurozone’s economic problems with over half [53%] heading to Europe.

The ABTA annual Holiday report is intended as a brief snapshot of the holiday habits of our political representatives which gives an interesting insight into how often and where they choose to take a break. This year it found a straight 50-50 split for Parliamentarians between the UK and overseas. MPs seem particularly keen on holidaying at home with six out of ten doing so; Scotland and the North and South West of England are their favourite destinations.

Our political representatives are clearly a hard working bunch, with six out of ten taking only one or two holidays a year, under the national average of three breaks.  However, the House of Lords are more likely to take a break than the House of Commons with almost half of MPs taking only one holiday a year and almost all Peers taking at least two holidays a year and a very lucky one in three, four or more.

Stephen D’Alfonso ABTA Senior Public Affairs and Research Manager said: “MPs and Peers clearly love going on holiday as much as the rest of us whether it’s here in the UK or overseas and all of those who responded to our survey said that they’re taking a holiday this summer and It’s interesting to see that they are split equally between holidaying in the UK or abroad showing that like the rest of us, they like having the choice and variety each offers. ”