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OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community to accelerate travel retailing innovation

OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community to accelerate travel retailing innovation

OpenJaw Technologies, a leading online technology partner of the world’s biggest travel brands, today launched the OpenJaw Tribe Developer Community which supports innovation in travel retailing. Tribe reduces time-to-market and empowers development of storefront services across multiple channels, by allowing companies to effortlessly integrate with a complete travel retailing platform. The program is open to approved developers working for or with OpenJaw customers and partners.

“In the world of internet services, fast paced innovation is a key element to success. Traditionally travel selling and rapid innovation rarely go hand-in-hand, largely due to the complexities inherent in the travel selling process,” said Kieron Branagan, CEO, OpenJaw. “By providing third-party developers with access to powerful, industry-grade t-Retail Platform technology and the necessary tools and support, Tribe sets the stage for dramatic growth in the availability of exciting travel shopping services. Tribe is a game changer.”

Tribe provides a complete framework of tools and resources required to develop storefront services, across desktop, mobile, and other devices. It includes:
·      Access to the optimum environment to commercially innovate with the t-Retail Platform
·      Freedom to consume the Tribe API
·      Sample code
·      Production quality test systems to enable safe and accurate testing
·      Engineering support
·      Online documentation library
·      Developer forum

InterGlobe Technologies, Alliants, Mindtree,, and On Travel Solutions have signed up to the Tribe Community, and are developing significant services for customers.

“InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) is committed to delivering innovation and business excellence for the travel industry. This partnership with OpenJaw Technologies integrates our technology and travel industry expertise to deliver optimum solutions in a most efficient manner. We are delighted to partner with OpenJaw in their endeavour to introduce this new concept in travel selling processes,” said InterGlobe Technologies, CEO, Mr. Vipul Doshi.


“Alliants delivers consultancy and technology solutions for our customers that drive tangible value to their businesses. We like to deliver faster and more cost effectively than our competitors, which means we need to carefully choose leading companies to work with,” said Tristan Gadsby, CEO, Alliants. “That is why joining the OpenJaw Tribe Community made such sense to us. Developing with the t-Retail Platform technology will enable us to help our travel customers grow and grow fast.”

Future plans for Tribe include opening the developer community to educational institutions, and entrepreneurial start-ups who have been hindered from innovating in travel retailing by limited access to production quality test systems. VaultPAD, a global accelerator for travel startups, is also supportive of the Tribe initiative. They are working with OpenJaw to provide access through their incubation process.