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OpenJaw Technologies enhances the power of location based selling

OpenJaw Technologies enhances the power of location based selling

OpenJaw Technologies, a leader in delivering high performance travel distribution solutions to the global travel industry, today announced a major new product release - xLocation 2.0; a location information and content hierarchy management application for airlines, tour operators and online travel agents.

As most consumers perform travel searches based on a specific location, xLocation 2.0 allows travel companies to easily define, manage and standardise location information thereby enabling them to maximise the power of that information to increase online sales of both core and ancillary products. xLocation helps travel companies to boost their share of the total spend and increase profitability through the provision of accurate, detailed information on all the locations that they serve.

This release of xLocation also allows descriptive content for each location to be stored in multiple languages and character sets. When combined with predictive text matching of a consumer’s desired location, xLocation allows for significantly improved search results to be delivered in the most appropriate language to the customer.

Commenting on the announcement, John Jambe, Chief Technology Officer of OpenJaw Technologies, said: “We are pleased to announce this major product release, xLocation 2.0, which is already being used by some of our largest clients world-wide. xLocation is an important tool to help boost online sales as it enables travel companies to create multiple location hierarchies so as to improve control of the destinations they sell.”

xLocation resides within OpenJaw Technologies’ solution portfolio and utilises the xDistributor Integration Platform and Business Rules Engine that enables travel supplier integration, distribution, channel management and dynamic packaging.


xLocation 2.0 industry leading features at a glance:

  *  Centralised, flexible management and update of general location information
  *  Descriptive content can be stored in multiple languages and character sets
  *  IATA and other location codes can be assigned to a single location identifier code providing the flexibility to search using any of the code types
  *  Full integration with mapping services and ease of uploading standard information
  *  Locations can be organised into flexible hierarchies with multiple levels allowing better control of the destinations and products sold
  *  Predictive text matching of a customer’s desired location filtered by product searched for and the language of the website delivers much more relevant search results
  *  Locations can also have a polygon shape allowing search within a geographical area
  *  Individual product or location web pages can be created through the use of hierarchies which can then be catalogued by search engines in order to improve search rankings
  *  Full integration with xHotel and xEvent saves time and guarantees consistency