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OpenJaw Technologies unveils online travel retailing platform

OpenJaw Technologies unveils online travel retailing platform

OpenJaw Technologies, a leading online technology partner of the world’s biggest travel brands, has introduced t-Retailing - a new approach to retailing travel products. Framed around the four principles of Inspiration, Personalisation, Differentiation and Conversion, t-Retailing is the blueprint for online retailing excellence.  It has been developed to address the sales challenges specific to the travel industry, and emulates the approach of the online retailing “giants” by focusing on the retail chain and customer interactions.

In order to deliver t-Retailing to airline, OTA, loyalty programmes and hotel companies, OpenJaw has launched the t-Retail Platform. A complete and integrated technology platform, it has already been deployed by a number of airline clients with announcements to be made imminently.

“We believe that t-Retailing outlines the key factors that will drive the next curve of commercial opportunity for travel businesses.  In order to capitalise on this we have developed the t-Retail Platform so our clients can readily overcome the challenges and complexities unique to our industry.  In so doing they will be well placed to match the phenomenal online success of companies such as Amazon,” said Kieron Branagan, CEO, OpenJaw.

Compelling content is at the heart of t-Retailing Inspiration and the management and curation of this content is fundamental to success.  As such the t-Retail Platform provides the following features:
·      Intelligent and searchable promotion capabilities
·      Visually compelling, dynamic display of content, e.g. calendar-based display of promotional content
·      Location-based search and browsing capabilities
·      Advanced creation and curation tools for own, third party and user-generated content
·      Makes it easy to discover offers and share travel content across social media

Individual buyer behaviour and motivations are central to successful Personalisation in the sales process. The t-Retail Platform enables companies to have a deep understanding of individual customers’ purchasing behaviour, based on their preferences and history. Features for personalisation include:
·      Profiling engine enabling the identification of the customer as an individual
·      Ability to create personalised offers of the right product at the right time
·      Customer behaviour affects content, system actively monitors and modifies product offering
·      Personalised search and on site navigation


Differentiation focuses on the importance of t-Retail Platform customers maintaining control of their own business model, which ensures they stay competitive and can quickly respond to market threats.  Key features include:
·      Fine grained, real-time control of price, margin and discounts.
·      Biasing capabilities at supplier or individual product level. OpenJaw’s travel company clients can choose to accept or to override supplier biases
Conversion refers to proven techniques for driving sales at all customer touch points.  The t-Retail Platform features include:
·      The delivery of proven online sales strategies such as: in-path cross sell, post booking cross sell, up sell and switch sell, which along with dynamic packaging can all drive conversion levels
·      Supports any payment model including: online, offline, redemption booking, deposit, cash, high street, payment process handling, pre and post pay

Within the t-Retail Platform’s technology foundation are powerful Business Intelligence and Analytics tools that continuously monitor success.  The platform records every event in relation to every booking.  These are referenced and easily accessed for advanced analysis, testing, optimisation and on-going innovation.

The integrated single platform approach also provides a seamless user experience for customers, across their entire online journey regardless of product type or source.