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Caribbean Cruise Line scam watch highlights spring break travel safety needs

Caribbean Cruise Line scam watch highlights spring break travel safety needs

According to Caribbean Cruise Line scam prevention is one of its highest priorities as a vacation package provider. As many Americans embrace travel plans for annual spring breaks, Caribbean Cruise Line encourages tourists to use cause—especially when traveling abroad. In a recent press statement, the company comments, “Through the Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch program, we hope to decrease the amount of scams travelers face so that they can enjoy their time away with confidence and in an affordable manner.”

However, as a recent article from U.S. News and World Report indicates, many of those embracing the spring break travel season, are also looking for ways to enjoy vacation time without going over budget. It reveals, “Spring break is around the corner, and if you’re not careful, costs can easily turn a fun family vacation into a financial catastrophe. It’s understandable if you’re considering skipping this year’s vacation, but if you’re willing to do some research and get a little creative, you can find that there are plenty of ways to enjoy [spring] break with your kids without crushing your checking account.”

The article continues by offering an array of tips for those trying to plan spring break on a budget, one of which Caribbean Cruise Line raises caution about. The article suggests, “Consider daily deal websites. Investigate sites like LivingSocial and Groupon for vacation packages. Both offer significant discounts for travel options, and if you’re planning a trip to a destination city, try signing up for email updates for that zip code so you can get deals and discounts on local food and entertainment options to use on your vacation.”

While the company encourages—and provides—affordable travel deals, Caribbean Cruise Line believes that these kind of websites can prey on unsuspecting scam victims. As such, the company explains in its press statement, “Based on the research of Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch, we have found that many travelers are scammed out of their money opting for ‘daily deals’ from illegitimate vacation providers, before the trip even takes place. While many sites—like those mentioned in the article—are genuine, it is important for all consumers to use caution to make sure the deal they are paying for is the one they really get.”

In addition to looking at online travel deals with a closer eye, Caribbean Cruise Line notes that those who are traveling abroad should learn basic ways to avoid scam artists. In its press statement, the company concludes, “For Caribbean Cruise Line scam prevention is the utmost importance from planning travel to enjoying travel; as a general tip we encourage all tourists to travel in numbers, stay free of distractions in public places and keep valuables close and secure at all times.”