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HRG experts to participate in ITM Intelligent Travel Management Forum

HRG experts to participate in ITM Intelligent Travel Management Forum

Experts from Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), the award-winning international corporate services company, will share their insight on business travel issues at the ITM-hosted Intelligent Travel Management Forum in London on 22 March.  Tony Berry and Matthew Pancaldi will participate in panel discussions about ticketing transparency and managing travel in 2020.

Tony Berry, Industry and Fare Distribution Director at HRG, will be a panellist in the discussion titled ‘Getting Transparency of the true cost of a ticket’ at 11:30am.

Berry said, “In the current climate, clients are looking for transparency of spend.  The ability to understand the true price of a ticket is becoming more difficult and clients are turning to their TMC to explain the full cost.  I’m looking forward to an open and frank debate about how ticketing challenges affect prices and the solutions in managing the total cost of travel.”

Matthew Pancaldi, Director of Sales at HRG, will partake in the panel ‘Managed Travel in 2020’ at 2pm.

Pancaldi said, “The future of managed travel is constantly debated with varying views on what’s to come in 2020.  At HRG, we are looking toward 2020 and beyond by developing adaptable technology that will evolve with the industry and the client, such as HRG Insight.  The panel discussion provides a great opportunity to consider what a well-managed travel programme and related technology should look like.”