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Northern lights spectacular boosts interest in Arctic Circle travel

Northern lights spectacular boosts interest in Arctic Circle travel

A rare and spectacular display of the Northern Lights visible in Britain last week has made people hungry to see more of the natural phenomenon that is usually only witnessed inside the Arctic Circle.. Tour operator Transun, a specialist in holidays to the Arctic Circle and on the official Northern Lights route, reports that web traffic to the remaining Northern Lights experiences of 2014 was up over 20 per cent this morning (28 February 2014) compared to yesterday’s statistics.

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, occur commonly in the Arctic Circle between late autumn and early spring and deliver light displays that are caused by collisions between electorally charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere. Displays in the Arctic Circle are both frequent and impressive, but it is extremely rare for the Northern Lights to be enjoyed extensively in the UK.

Nico Kostich, director, Transun, explains:

“Seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of most people’s travel bucket list. The small teaser enjoyed by many parts of the UK last night has certainly whet the appetite of hopeful travellers. Our web traffic shows that people are waking up today and researching where to see the Northern Lights at their best. We are nearing the end of the winter season when this natural light display is at its most frequent and there are only a few weeks left to enjoy the best that Aurora Borealis has to offer.”

NASA scientists have outlined that the winter of 2013-3014 is the best year in a cycle of eleven years for the activity that causes the Northern Lights. On nights where the skies are darkened and clear in the Arctic Circle there is a strong chance of witnessing the light displays until the end of March.


There are only two more weeks remaining on Transun’s 2014 Northern Lights programme to Karesuando, a small village located on the border between the northern most part of Finland and Sweden. Tours include night time forest treks to avoid all light pollution, and snowmobile safaris to enjoy the Northern Lights at their most magical.