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No-fly zone in place in Libya

A no-fly zone is in place in Libya after 110 missiles were fired towards Tripoli overnight from Western forces against the regime of Col Muammar Gaddafi.

The military action, code-named ‘operation Odyssey Dawn’ was initiated by French forces shortly after a summit in Paris. This was followed by missiles fired from the US and British Navy.

Meanwhile Col Gaddafi remains defiant and in his latest address to the nation, he has described the attacks as “colonial crusader aggression”. He stated: “Aggression only makes Libyan people stronger and more consolidated. We should now arm all the forces” .

The Libyan leader, who is currently in hiding stated on the phone that: “The Mediterranean was now a battle ground and countries that had launched this attack on Libya would regret it.”

The Libyan Government claims that 48 people have been killed and over 100 injured, but this has not been verified.


President Obama emphasised that the US is not a leader in these attacks, but a participant with its international partners. He commented:  “Yesterday a unanimous UN security council sent a clear message that it condemns the violence in Libya, supports accountability for perpetrators and stands with Libyan people.

“This same message has been delivered by European Union, the African Union, the Arab League and many individual nations. Voices are being raised together to oppose suppression and support the rights of Libyan people.”

This is part of a profound movement for change and democracy in the Middle East.