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Foreigners urged to flee as Libya unrest continues

Foreign nationals still in Libya are being urged to make for the airport as the country braces for further protests.

Tripoli is likely to be the focus of protests, with rebel forces seeking to capture the city as demonstrations against the rule of Col Gaddafi reach a possible climax.

Efforts to take the city are expected to begin in earnest following Friday prayers, with revel leaders urging supporters onto the streets.

Hundreds have already been killed following the outbreak of violent unrest in mid-February.

Forces loyal to the incumbent control the capital, while rebels dominate vast swathes in the east of the country.

Foreign Nationals

The vast majority of foreign have now left Libya, through commercial means, government charters and military evacuation.

However, those that remain have been urged to head for the airport.

A number of commercial operators – including Afriqiyah Airways, Syrian Arab Airlines and Royal Jordanian Airlines – are still offering flights, with ticket offices open at the airport.

A number of private charter flights are also believed to be departing from Tripoli airport.

Middle East Uprising

Libya is the latest country in the region to fall in turmoil following revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt in recent months.

At present the opposition – an ad hoc mixture of citizen militias and army defectors – have secured the towns of Brega, Zawiya, and Misrata along the coast.

Protestors are armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

However, the military loyal to Gaddafi have been employing aircraft – possibly against civilians.

The move prompted the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation in possible crimes against humanity.

Earlier, rebels in Libya’s second city of Benghazi said they would not negotiate unless the embattled ruler resigned and went into exile.