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New York are friendliest city folk

New York are friendliest city folk

According to a survey commissioned by DK Eyewitness Travel the world city with the friendliest inhabitants is New York. Dubliners with their Irish charm come a close second, with the residents of Amsterdam third. Joint fourth place goes to Glaswegians, and surprisingly, notoriously unfriendly Londoners.

Indeed, when asked which city in the world had the most unfriendly inhabitants London came second only to Paris, with over a quarter (26%) of those who gave an opinion choosing Londoners the most unfriendly and 29% plumping for the Parisians.

The survey was carried out to uncover views on world cities for the re-launch of the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides.

Participants were also asked which world city they planned to visit next. Over 300 different cities were cited, from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, but the number one slot for those with travel plans went to perennial favourite New York. The top 10 cities people planned to visit in 2011 are:

1       New York (10%)
2       Paris (7%)
3       Rome (6%)
4       Barcelona (4%)
=5     London (3%)
=5     Berlin (3%)
=5     Amsterdam (3%)
=5     Venice (3%)
=9     Dublin (2%)
=9     Prague (2%)