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New to the streets of Istanbul: I-Street guide

New to the streets of Istanbul: I-Street guide

New to the streets of Istanbul is a portable and practical guide to Istiklal Caddesi - and over 40 side streets of the famous pedestrian street in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul - called the I-Street Guide,  In prototype phase now, the I-Street Guide is coming to a point of sale online in January 2013. Stockwell describes it as, “Sort of a personal boutique map and guide - printable and polite - for your visitors and guests.”

“This A4 size mini-guide is packed with information for short-term visitors to this area,” said Stockwell, as she reveals a tri-fold version with edgy illustrated maps on both sides, public transportation info, and 10 destinations ‘worth your time.’”

She admires the Time Out Guide, and she said, the GUIDE Istanbul is a piece of art - both excellent guides. “But I’m in the street and on public transportation all the time and find it difficult to find galleries and exhibits mentioned in the Beyoglu area. So I started doing my discovery walks daily in January and designed a map of Istiklal Caddesi from Taksim to Tunel to Galata Tower, and a second map for the neighborhoods. There are great back streets off the 40 side streets for walking around and discovering urban life and a bustling population of shops,” Stockwell said, adding that the information in our heads doesn’t prepare us for the hills we are going to walk up and down. “You read about it in all the guide books, but when you get here it’s a bit daunting to get around in crowds of people and then lost in side streets.” she said.

The - ISTANBUL is a 3-phase project with a social entrepreneurial spirit. Stockwell is hoping to create training and positions for youth in media, publishing, journalism, photography, tourism, and urban planning. She said, “I’m moving forward 2 steps at a time with the I-Street 2hour/2day GUIDE for short-term visitors to Istiklal Caddesi.” Visit: for more information.