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New report highlights importance of tourism to UK

New report highlights importance of tourism to UK

England’s central role in driving the future growth of tourism in the UK has been outlined in a new report released today from Deloitte ‘Tourism: jobs and growth’. 

Worth £106 billion and supporting 2.6 million jobs, English tourism is the driving nation behind an industry that has grown faster than manufacturing, construction and retail.

The tourism economy in England accounts for 8.8 per cent of England’s GDP and 9.4 per cent of employment.

Both the value of the sector and employment levels have grown in recent years, outperforming the wider economy which further demonstrates the resilience of the industry during times of economic strain.

For the first time, this report provides analysis for London and the rest of England separately highlighting the importance of the industry throughout the whole of England.

Outside of the capital tourism is worth £70 billion and supports 1.9 million jobs demonstrating that the sector is vital to the economic health of much of the country.

The capital clearly has world-wide appeal and for many international visitors London will be their first and sometimes only port of call.

The report demonstrates the massive opportunity the rest of England has to use the international draw of London to inspire inbound visitors, both leisure and business, to explore destinations outside of London, and maximise the opportunity provided by England’s excellent network of regional ports of entry.