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New private jet booking app from BlackJet

New private jet booking app from BlackJet

BlackJet released a new app to the iTunes App store allowing members to book a seat on a private jet in seconds from the convenience of their smartphone.

The company’s technology is a breakthrough enabling instant private jet seat bookings and real time confirmations.

This unprecedented ease of use together with BlackJet’s affordable seat pricing model makes private jet service attainable to millions more travellers.

BlackJet seat service is currently available in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and South Florida, with service to Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, Dallas, and Seattle coming soon. 

In order to use the service you must be a BlackJet member and access to requires an invite code.

“The air travel industry has long needed modernization and BlackJet is using cutting edge technology that makes booking seats on private jets easier than airline seats.

“The private jet travel experience is perfect for serious travellers who need to avoid delays, cancellations, and the overall hassle factor associated with the major airports,” said BlackJet chief executive Dean Rotchin.

“We have already delivered over 3,000 private jet seats, and booking becomes much easier with the iPhone app.”