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Airbnb ‘I’m flexible’ reaches 2 billion searches

Airbnb ‘I’m flexible’ reaches 2 billion searches

Airbnb announces that it’s ‘I’m Flexible’ search has generated more than 2 billions stays since its launch in May 2021.

Last year, Airbnb announced more than 150 upgrades across every aspect of the Airbnb service, including a number of features to make it easier for people to integrate travel into their lives.

In May 2021, Airbnb introduced I’m Flexible, a new way to search on Airbnb when guests are flexible about where or when they are traveling – and in November, it expanded with I’m (even more) Flexible, adding a date range of up to 12 months with a total of nearly 30 categories of unique stays.

Since this feature first launched in 2021, Airbnb says guests have used I’m Flexible more than 2 billion times.

I’m Flexible is designed to serve a world in which people have become untethered from the traditional office, and with remote and hybrid work here to stay, travellers are no longer bound by weekends, holidays, or seasonal breaks. As many begin to make their summer travel plans with flexibility in mind, guests can leverage this and other features to book their next trip – or even live anywhere on Airbnb.