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New airport opens in Nicaragua

New airport opens in Nicaragua

A new airport has opened in San Juan del Norte (Greytown), on the southern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, providing a new connexion to the capital Managua.

The new Greytown Airport currently has a 1,200 metre runway, suitable for small planes carrying up to 19 passengers, but there are plans to extend this shortly by 300 metres more to accommodate bigger planes with up to 46 passengers.

Local carrier La Costeña has already started using the new airport, offering one hour flights from Managua twice a week.

Julio Videa, marketing director at Nicaragua Tourist Board (INTUR), said the government is also working to improve access to this area by sea, facilitating the arrival of small boats from the Caribbean. 

He added there is also a tourism development plan in place to determine where new hotels and restaurants should open in order to develop an area which was previously of little interest to tourists.

The opening of the new airport brings new opportunities to the area, which was previously only accessible by road and boat. 

The improved connexions with the rest of the country will also help generate income for local businesses, by attracting a greater number of visitors to the area.

At present the area has ten small hotels, which are already negotiating packages with local tour operators.