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Taiwan Tourism Bureau comes to London for 2012

Taiwan Tourism Bureau comes to London for 2012

London Taxi Advertising is launching a full livery taxi advertising campaign for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in London.

Paul Tremarco, sales director at London Taxi Advertising contacted the tourism bureau to promote the effectiveness of taxi advertising as an Outdoor medium during the London 2012 Summer Olympics – a format they have never used before.

In the summer of 2011 the Taiwan Tourism Bureau ran a television campaign featuring animation by Aardman.

Having persuaded The TTB to take a leap and test a new advertising format, London Taxi Advertising held the responsibility to provide creative support from start to finish, ensuring that their trust pays off and they achieve an inspiring, eye catching taxi design.

The TTB, excited by the proposition of taxis, moulded the animated branding to work with the shape of taxis, which will be running in Central London targeting tourists, business commuters, leisure and shopping audiences.

The taxis proudly display ‘The Heart of Asia’ made up of caricatures of traditional Taiwanese figures, architecture, flowers and objects synonymous with Taiwan. The taxis display the tag line ‘Time for Taiwan’ and the tourism website.

“The team at London Taxi Advertising are very happy to be able to demonstrate the excellent creative platform of London taxis,” explained Tremarco.

“We and our client are extremely pleased with how the artwork has transformed to the media space, working to capture their message and ensure the taxi holds the design perfectly.”

The iconic London Taxis will be the advertising platform for the Taiwan during the 2012 Olympics promoting that is ‘Time for Taiwan’ and help transport the idea of visiting the destination into the minds of consumers every day over the summer.