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British Airways launches My Flightpath to passengers

British Airways launches My Flightpath to passengers

British Airways has launched a new fun online tool called ‘My Flightpath’ which provides customers with their own personal travelogue.

The new feature on, which is available for anyone who is a member of the British Airways Executive Club, displays a timeline of all their flights since they joined. It highlights the destinations and countries that customers have flown to most frequently and charts all the destinations they’ve flown to on a map.

Customers using My Flightpath will also be able to see how many miles they’ve flown on British Airways since joining the Executive Club and how many times round the world that would be.

The site also includes ‘My Passport’ where customers are awarded stamps when they reach milestones such as the number of countries they’ve visited or the number of flights flown.

These milestones can also be shared with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Ian Romanis, head of customer engagement, said: “We wanted to give customers something that would help them to capture the magic of flying and we’re sure they will enjoy sharing their travelling milestones with their friends.”

Anyone who has a booking with British Airways can join the British Airways Executive Club free of charge and access their own travel records on My Flightpath.