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American Cruise Lines introduces Cruise Local. Eat Local.

American Cruise Lines introduces Cruise Local. Eat Local.

American Cruise Lines ( today announced the introduction of Cruise Local. Eat Local, a new dining initiative for locally-sourced produce, meats and ingredients to provide the most delicious regionalised menus onboard. Sustainable cuisine supports the many small towns American Cruise Lines visits, and ensures the least impact on the ecosystem of the regions cruised. Creating the ultimate dining experience for guests using sustainable ingredients is the driving factor behind the Cruise Local. Eat Local program, and is achieved by:

-  Sourcing produce, fish, and meats as near as possible to each cruise.
-  Supporting local farmers’ markets and small American businesses.
-  Communicating with local vendors and checking the Seafood Watch index to understand the current impact on fish populations.
-  Limiting waste by offering half portions and carefully customised options.

“This program not only enhances the culinary experience for our guests, but also supports local economies and a balanced environment,” said Timothy Beebe, Vice President of American Cruise Lines. “Nothing makes a menu more appealing than knowing it was developed based on well-informed decisions and a conscious effort to source locally.”

The executive chefs aboard American Cruise Lines take advantage of extended time in port to soak up the local flavor and apply it to the various dishes served onboard. From the fresh catch of the day, to homemade ice cream topped with locally-grown berries, guests can expect the tastiest and freshest cuisine. Following is a regionalised sampling of what guests can expect from the Cruise Local. Eat Local program:

Columbia & Snake Rivers
Freshly caught Northwest salmon and sturgeon Astoria honey, Rainier cherries, and heirloom tomatoes gathered at local farmers’ markets Unique ice creams produced nearby featuring mint, huckleberries, and cherries Mississippi River


Certified Berkshire pork from Berkwood Farms, a local vendor in Des Moines, Iowa Artisan cheeses sourced from nearby dairy farms and creameries in Wisconsin Freshly-made pralines, a New Orleans specialty Southeast

Maryland blue crabs are served in a variety of ways, including seared, deep-fried, and roasted Apalachicola Bay oysters, hand harvested in Florida Fresh wild-caught Georgian shrimp completes shrimp cocktails, seafood salads, and entrees New England

Fresh Maine lobster is offered in 28 different preparation styles Maine Root Blueberry soda is a local specialty served onboard, made with Fair Trade organic cane juice and Maine blueberries Craft beers such as Lobster Ale and Allagash Beer from local breweries American Cruise Lines offers more than 35 unique itineraries throughout the United States and is dedicated to sourcing locally on each cruise route.