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Momondo launches multi-destination search tool

Momondo launches multi-destination search tool the much praised Danish travel meta-search site which joined the Cheapflights Media stable earlier this year has launched a new search engine enabling users to search for round trips with several stop-overs. The initiative makes it possible to search flights with multiple destinations in just one search and compare the best prices for the total trip.

The multi-destination search engine is a new addition to Momondo’s travel search product that previously only offered one-way and return trips on flights.

”We’ve got millions of users worldwide and thousands have requested an easy and fast way to find the best offers on round trips and more complex flight tickets. That is why we’ve put a lot of know-how and resources into developing our new search engine, which we’ve launched in a beta version”, says Martin Lumbye, partner in Momondo.

Examples of round trips could be flying from London to Paris and further on to Rome from where one flies home, or it could be flying to New York, take a road trip to California and flying back from Los Angeles.

Previously a user had to spend a long time conducting several searches between the respective cities to get a full overview of the entire round trip. With Momondo’s new search engine the user can get an overview of the best prices for the entire round trip in just one search. All the user has to do is enter the destinations once and Momondo will aggregate and compare the best prices on flights across more that 700 online travel agencies and airlines.


Try the new search engine in a BETA version here: